Atttactions in Nan Province

Nan Province “Peaceful towns surrounded by incredible scenery”

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Nan may not be a top-visited province of Thailand. But, if we’re going to talk about any beautiful natural town, you can not possibly skip it.

Nan is a beautiful town that mainly consists of mountains. The whole landscape is stunning and natural. The east and the north connects to Laos. The south connects to Uttradit Province. And the west connects to Phayao Province and Phrae Province

Nan is a good place for those who love having vacation in natural style. Tourist attractions in Nan are mostly surrounded with trees and mountains, for examples, Bo Klua County, Sri Nan National Park, Doi Phu Ka, Doi Mae Chok etc. The weather is quite good too. But, in case you’re expecting cool weather, you’re suggested to travel during October-February.

Woodlands in Nan are also plentiful like in many other provinces. These woodlands are perfect for nature-exploring activity. If you wish to walk up along a high mountain, well, you dream will come true. The highest mountain of the province is Phu Khae, which is about 2,079 metres, in Bo Klua County.

National parks in Nan province

However, the most suggested tourist attractions in Nan are national parks. There are totally 7 national parks in the province, consisting of Doi Phu Ka National Park, Sri Nan National Park, Mae Chrim National Park, Sagoen Cave National Park, Nantabuti National Park, Khunsatan National Park, and Khun Nan National Park. Moreover, there are still some preserved woodland areas. These national parks are relaxing and perfect for big city people who want to get away from bad pollution.

Although most areas are natural and full of woodlands, but travelling to Nan is not a difficult thing to do. You can reach Nan by many different ways. You may take a plane, as there is an airport named Nan Nakorn Airport. Or, you can take a tour bus. For better experience, you can even drive your own car.

Long story short, let’s spend your holidays with your loving people in Nan Province.

Nan city town is a charming town in northern Thailand located in a province with the same name. There are also cultural and historical sights worth visiting. For many centuries, the remote region pretty much kept to itself with few visitors in and out. But it was influenced by kingdoms in the region, first and foremost Sukhothai. It was also at times under the control of Lanna, Burma and Siam, and greatly influenced by them all, while keeping its own identity.

A diverse collection of hill tribes also populates the tranquil province including Thai Khoen, Thai Lue, Thai Puan, Thai Yai and Thai Yuan giving the region great cultural diversity although many have assimilated into the larger community.

Parts of the old city wall and several early wats dating from the Lanna period can be seen in contemporary Nan. The city’s wats are distinctive; some temple structures show Lanna influence, while others belong to the Thai Lue legacy brought from Xishuangbanna in China, where the Thai Lue people originated.

Today this northern city still feels provincial like it did years ago. It’s also characterized by Tai Lue culture and there’s nowhere better to experience this ethnic heritage. Nan offers a variety of activities and places of interest to see.

Now let’s see why Nan should be your Northern Thailand trip.