Attractions in The North of Thailand

Information on highlighted natural attractions, things to do, Discover where to go and Places of Interest in the North of Thailand

attractions in the north of thailand, chiang mai

Chiang Mai Province

Chiang Mai is the hub of tourist activity in Thailand’s north and one of Thailand’s most important tourist destinations
Other Districts : Mueang Chiang Mai, Mae Rim, San Kamphaeng, Hang Dong, Mae Taeng, Chom Thong, Chiang Dao, Fang

attractions in the north of thailand, chiang rai

Chiang Rai Province

Chiang Rai is a small, charming city that provides the perfect base for exploring the scenic and cultural attractions of Thailand’s far north.
Other Districts : Muang Chiang Rai, Mae Chan, Mae Fa Luang, Mae Sai, Chiang Saen , Chiang Khong, Thoeng, Phan, Wiang Pa Pao

attractions in the north of thailand, mae hong son

Mae Hong Son Province

Mae Hong Son is one of Thailand’s most remote provinces and thus retains its own separate identity, explore the surrounding nature & historical sites
Other Districts : Muang Mae hong son, Pangmapha, Pai, Khun Yuam, Mae La Noi, Mae Sariang

attractions in the north of thailand, lamphun

Lamphun Province

Lamphun “The City of Arts and Culture” Lamphun today is a quiet town but boasts several interesting sights and makes for an excellent day trip from Chiang Mai. For one day or for a few hours, Lamphun is a wonderful city, full of history and style.

attractions in the north of thailand, lampang

Lampang Province

Lampang “The City of the roster” Discover what to see and do in around Lampang, Thailand. Find the best attractions in Lampang with My Chiang Mai Tour and Plan your trip with us.

phrae, phrae province, phrae district, phrae thailand

Phrae Province

Phrae Province is one of the most ancient cities of Northern Thailand. Phrae is administratively divided in to 8 districts. With its unique attractions, mountain scenery , and fresh , unexplored feeling, Phrae province is definitely North a visit for all.

nan province, nan district, nan, nan thailand

Nan Province

Nan is a beautiful town that mainly consists of mountains. The whole landscape is stunning and natural. The east and the north connects to Laos. The south connects to Uttradit Province. And the west connects to Phayao Province and Phrae Province

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Phayao Province

Phayao is also a town with gorgeous temples. And the most important place, the highlight of the town, to be precise, is Kwan Phayao, the largest fresh lake in northern Thailand. You should go there for sightseeing, biking, eating, and doing exercise in the park.

atrractions in nothern thailamd, muang laplae, muang laplae museum, muang laplae uttaradit, uttaradit town gate

Uttaradit Province

Uttaradit is a province in northern Thailand. It’s well-known for containing the mystery and secret of Lap Lae Town. Lap Lae Town has been being discussed all long. The legend says, Lap Lae was a secret town. That means, not everyone was able to access the town. Only fortunate people could do so. Furthermore, it also says, Lap Lae was a place for honest villagers.