Attractions in Uttaradit Province

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Although Uttaradit may not be on the upper part of your list, but it’s in fact a well-known historic town worthy of visiting during your vacation

Uttaradit is a province in northern Thailand. It’s well-known for containing the mystery and secret of Lap Lae Town.

Lap Lae Town has been being discussed all long. The legend says, Lap Lae was a secret town. That means, not everyone was able to access the town. Only fortunate people could do so. Furthermore, it also says, Lap Lae was a place for honest villagers. If anyone tried to violate rule of honesty, that person would be banished from Lap Lae Town right away.

It is possible that Lap Lae was once an old community in Sukhothai Period, according to the tablet that was found in front of the vihara of Wat Chedi Kirivihara.

In present days, Lap Lae is a name of a county in Uttaradit Province, which is ‘Lap Lae County’. Still, you can follow the historic line of Lap Lae Town by visiting Lap Lae Museum and going through the gate of the town.

Beside of Lap Lae Town, there are still many other interesting things in Uttaradit. First of all, temples. There are beautiful temples. You’re suggested to go to Wat Phra Baromthat Tung Yang and Wat Phra Taen Sila-Ard. Spend some time on making merit and praying for your good fortune.

Uttaradit contain beautiful nature. There are many national parks for you to go camping or, at least, getting some rest. Phu Soi Dao National Park, Lam Nam Nan National Park, Klong Tron National Park, for examples. Feel free to relax yourself at these places.

Arrange your schedule, finish your work, get your friends or family, then book a ticket to Uttaradit. Have a good time there!