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Shan People


Getting to know Shan people Speaking of ethnic groups living in Thailand, surely we can never forget Shan people. These people have been living in Thailand for so long. Many tourist attractions or temples in northern Thailand, including Mae Hong Son, are inspired by Shan art and culture. Also, there are many

Shan People2020-02-04T10:08:44+07:00

Plan Your Trip


Plan your trip Our trip planner is the easiest way to plan your next vacation for family vacations, holidays abroad, or group trips of any sort. It's easy to plan your perfect trip with us. By you can select the tour optional, activities, food type and others which you prefer. And

Plan Your Trip2019-12-21T22:00:31+07:00
  • thom’s pai elephant camp, thoms pai elephant camp, thom pai elephant camp, pai elephant camp

Thom’s Pai Elephant Camp


Thom's Pai Elephant Camp "Join other activities beside riding on an elephant." If you love to see Thai elephants, make sure you have a chance to visit this. Thom’s Pai Elephant Camp is where you will meet a lot of cute long-trunked friends. For your information, this is the first elephant camp

Thom’s Pai Elephant Camp2019-12-26T13:20:53+07:00
  • wat sri don chai, sri don chai temple, wat sri don chai in pai, sri don chai temple in pai

Wat Sri Don Chai


Wat Sri Don Chai ‘An over-700-year-old temple of Pai County’ If you’re planning to visit Pai County, don’t forget to make a stop at this ancient temple. Here we’re presenting you Wat Sri Don Chai, a temple in Mae Hong Son Province, which is over 700 years old. It’s even the first

Wat Sri Don Chai2020-04-04T13:53:13+07:00
  • phu chi per, phu chi per khun yuam, phu chi per mae hong son, phu chee per, phu chee per khun yuam, phu chee per mae hong son

Phu Chi Per


Phu Chi Per ‘Get there or regret it later!’ Phu Chi Per is not a very popular place, as it was recently found. But whoever gets there would fall in love with the place for sure. Phu Chi Per is a sightseeing spot like Mon Yun Lai. The whole area consists of

Phu Chi Per2020-04-04T13:58:38+07:00
  • ban la-up, baan la-up, ban la up, baan la up, ban la-oop, baan la-oop, ban la oop, baan la oop, ban la-oub, baan la-oub, ban la oub, baan la oub

Ban La-Up


Ban La-Up ‘See gorgeous silverware’ If you’re so into silverware, let’s see the silverware at Ban La-Up, Mae Hong Son. Silverwarer at Ban La-Up is considered to be one of the most interesting OTOP products. It’s so gorgeous that you wouldn’t even take your eyes off it. Who could believe that amazing

Ban La-Up2020-04-04T14:05:31+07:00
  • kho kuu so bridge, kho khu so bridge, kho ku so bridge, pai bamboo bridge, kho kuu so bridge in pai, kho khu so bridge in pai, kho ku so bridge in pai

Kho Kuu So Bridge


Kho Kuu So Bridge ‘Walk on the wooden bridge and admire agricultural lots.’ For those who wish to get rid of stress, nature is a good solution. Instead of spending money on shopping for expensive things, why don’t you just try a new way? Let’s go to somewhere that doesn’t require a

Kho Kuu So Bridge2020-04-04T13:50:17+07:00
  • ban ja boe, baan ja boe, ban ja boe village, baan ja boe village, lahu village in mae hong son, ban ja boe in mae hong son, baan ja boe in mae hong son

Ban Ja Boe


Ban Ja Boe ‘Sleep in the middle of mountains, get ready for the fog in the mornings.’ What do you think of spending a few nights in the middle of mountains and getting up early in the mornings to see the fog? If you’d love to do that, let’s come with us

Ban Ja Boe2020-04-04T12:26:37+07:00

Booking Package10


Online Booking Fill your information in the booking form and press submit. Within 24 hours we will email back confirmation of availability and total price as well as a link to our secure encrypted online payment page. Follow the instructions to pay using your credit card. For Join In trips will request the full amount

Booking Package102021-08-20T21:03:14+07:00

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