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Sri Khom Kham Temple


Sri Khom Kham Temple ‘An important temple of Phayao Province’ When you visit some town in Thailand, one thing that you should definitely visit is a temple. Especially in northern Thai provinces, there are a lot of beautiful temples, mostly old and ancient ones. Now, for Phayao, a northern Thai province, it

Sri Khom Kham Temple2019-05-17T11:56:36+07:00
  • phra nang din temple, wat phra nang din, phra nang din temple in prayao, wat phra nang din in prayao

Phra Nang Din Temple


Phra Nang Din Temple ‘With strange but amazing Buddha statue’ Now you should get to know Phra Nang Din Temple, a temple in Phayao Province, Thailand. It’s a temple that contain a lot of interesting things. Prepare to read this article if you have kids, as its text will do good to

Phra Nang Din Temple2019-05-16T12:56:37+07:00
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Phra That Chom Tong Temple


Phra That Chom Tong Temple ‘An ancient temple of Lanna’ Here is another top-visited attraction in Phayao Province. For Phra That Chom Tong Temple, it’s a beautiful temple that you should never miss. Let’s feel the touch of how gorgeous Lanna art is. Phra That Chom Tong Temple is located on Doi

Phra That Chom Tong Temple2019-05-14T10:54:33+07:00
  • nantaram temple, wat nantaram, wat chong kha, wat chong nua, nantaram temple in prayao, wat nantaram in prayao

Nantaram Temple


Nantaram Temple ‘Get closer to Tai Yai art.’ The best way to visit temples is to visit various types of them. It will help a lot with your learning and will get you to open your eyes for new things. In Thailand, there are many types of temple, as many foreign people

Nantaram Temple2019-05-13T14:21:22+07:00
  • tilok aram temple, tilok aram temple in prayao, wat tilok aram, wat tilok aram in prayao

Tilok Aram Temple


Tilok Aram Temple ‘Have you ever seen a temple in the middle of water before?’ You may have been to temples on the ground for your whole life. How about switching to a temple in the middle of water instead? Let’s get to this one, Tilok Aram Temple, a temple in Phayao

Tilok Aram Temple2019-05-13T14:23:02+07:00
  • pangka royal project, pang ka royal project, pangka royal project in prayao, pangka royal project development centre, pang ka royal project development centre

Pangka Royal Project


Pangka Royal Project Development Centre ‘Learning centre and mind relaxing place, all in one’ Finding a place in Thailand to relax stress with your family is simply not a difficult thing to do. Although this is a technology age, there are still many beautiful natural attractions for tourists. Pangka Royal Project Development

Pangka Royal Project2019-05-13T11:07:28+07:00
  • pho khun ngam muang monument, pho khun ngam muang, pho khun ngam muang in phayao, pho khun ngam muang monument in phayao

Pho Khun Ngam Muang Monument


Pho Khun Ngam Muang Monument ‘One of the greatest kings’ Let’s visit a historical place in Phayao. Pho Khun Ngam Muang Monument is located at the park in front of Kwan Phayao Lake. This represents the greatness of Pho Khun Ngam Muang, the 9th king of Phukamyao(or Phayao).

Pho Khun Ngam Muang Monument2019-05-10T13:38:15+07:00
  • phayao lake, kwan phayao, kwan phayao lake

Phayao Lake


Phayao Lake ‘Feel the touch of coolness in your mind with the smell of Buddhism.’ Have you ever been to Phayao before? A province in Thailand? If you haven’t, then think again and let’s get there. This is another interesting province of the country, with many good tourist attractions to go to.

Phayao Lake2019-05-10T12:45:20+07:00

Booking Special Tour04


Online Booking Fill your information in the booking form and press submit. Within 24 hours we will email back confirmation of availability and total price as well as a link to our secure encrypted online payment page. Follow the instructions to pay using your credit card. For Join In trips will request the full

Booking Special Tour042019-05-08T15:56:40+07:00
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Event04 : Wat Rong Khun Light Fest


Wat Rong Khun Light Fest The Illumination of White Temple starts from November 22 to December 22, 2019 Wat Rong Khun Light Fest 2019 in Chiang Rai, Thailand. By meticulously portraying his vivid imagination through his paintbrush,

Event04 : Wat Rong Khun Light Fest2019-05-10T12:42:56+07:00

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