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My Chiang Mai Tour Reviews


These are the reviews and feedback of our clients who had a travel experience with our private tour service. We thankful for all of comments which be very important thing for us to improve and develop our service in the future. Our clients who had an experience with our service about the join in

My Chiang Mai Tour Reviews2019-02-25T14:13:12+07:00
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Phrae Thailand : Attractions in Phrae


Attractions in Phrae Thailand Phrae District "An old and important community in northern Thailand" Phrae is another popular tourism town in northern Thailand, worthy of visiting and contains a lot of stories. Phrae was once an independent city-state. It’s also known as many names, for examples, Phol Nakhon, Wiang Kosai etc.

Phrae Thailand : Attractions in Phrae2018-11-11T20:03:32+07:00
  • wat phra that doi leng, wat phra that doi leng in phrae, phra that doi leng temple, phra that doi leng temple in phrae, attractions in phrae

Wat Phra That Doi Leng


Wat Phra That Doi Leng ‘Panoramic view from a temple on a high mountain’ In case you’re looking for a temple in the middle of woodland that is full of relaxing atmosphere, then this one should definitely full-fill your need. It’s Wat Phra That Doi Leng in Phrae Province, Thailand. Wat

Wat Phra That Doi Leng2018-10-30T12:51:29+07:00
  • wat phra that intr kwaen, wat phra that intr kwaen in phrae, phra that intr kwaen temple, phra that intr kwaen temple in phrae

Wat Phra That Intr Kwaen


Wat Phra That Intr Kwaen in Phrae ‘See the large golden-coloured rock and pagoda. Speaking of temples with stunning architectures, surely we can never forget Wat Phra That Intr Kwaen. Yes. Wat Phra That Intr Kwaen may ring a bell to you. That’s right. In fact, Wat Phra That Intr Kwaen is a

Wat Phra That Intr Kwaen2018-10-30T12:47:57+07:00
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Pha Nang Khoi Cave


Pha Nang Khoi Cave ‘Take your family to pay respect to the Lord Buddha statue inside.’ You may want to change a little bit of atmosphere for your holiday. Perhaps, you want to take your family to some place that you guys haven’t been there before. How about visiting a cave and

Pha Nang Khoi Cave2018-10-30T12:46:20+07:00
  • tad mok waterfall, mae khoi waterfall, tadmok waterfall, tad mhok waterfall, attractions in phrae

Tad Mok Waterfall


Tad Mok Waterfall ‘Chill out with your family.’ If you think walking around is too hot and exhausted for you, then maybe you want to sit and relax yourself at some place cool. Of course, by saying ‘cool’ here, it means ‘not hot’. Just imagine it, if it’s a long vacation of

Tad Mok Waterfall2018-10-30T12:44:41+07:00
  • doi pha klong national park, doi pha klong forest park, national parks in phrae, attractions in phrae

Doi Pha Klong National Park


Doi Pha Klong National Park ‘Take your children their during their school holidays!’ A national park is a good place to go with your family, including your children. They should love beautiful and relaxing it is. They can stop their minds from stressful studies with trees and mountains. So, what are you

Doi Pha Klong National Park2018-10-30T12:43:50+07:00
  • mae yom national park, mae yom forest park, national parks in phrae, attractions in phrae

Mae Yom National Park


Mae Yom National Park ‘Have a camp with your whole family.’ A national park is a good place to spend holidays with your family, as it’s surrounded with beautful nature. And Mae Yom National Park is a suggested one, at least if you don’t know which national park you should go to.

Mae Yom National Park2018-10-30T12:40:12+07:00
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Ban Sao Roi Ton


Ban Sao Roi Ton ‘Learn about the historical art with family.’ Letting children learn about history is good for both their brains and minds. Things in the past may be gone, but it’s definitely not lost. By learning about them, we can use our knowledge to build better future for ourselves. Here

Ban Sao Roi Ton2018-10-30T12:41:04+07:00
  • pae muang pee, pae muang pee forest park, pae muang pee in phrae, attractions in phrae, phrae attractions

Pae Muang Pee


Pae Muang Pee ‘Visit natural phenomenon caused by soil erosion’ If you and your family are looking for some place that is quiet, natural, relaxing, and peaceful to spend a long holiday together, then you will want to visit this following one in Phrae. It’s something that you’re going fall in love with.

Pae Muang Pee2018-10-30T12:37:56+07:00

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