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Wiang Kosai National Park


Wiang Kosai National Park ‘Chill out and feel relaxed with your family.’ Phrae also has national parks like many other provinces. All of them are perfect for you and your family to spend a good holiday together. Let’s this following one be your choice, Wiang Kosai National Park. The name ‘Wiang Kosai’

Wiang Kosai National Park2018-10-30T12:36:09+07:00
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Ban Thung Hong


Ban Thung Hong ‘Get your family, take off, and shop for Mo-Hom costumes!’ After you have been dressing in modern-styles costumes for many years, are you interested in dressing in traditional costumes for a while? Traditional costumes are cute, gorgeous, and valuable, including this following type of costume. Do you know Mo-Hom?

Ban Thung Hong2018-10-30T12:34:29+07:00
  • mae chok hot spring, mae chok mineral not spring, mae chok hot spring in phrae, mae chok mineral not spring in phrae

Mae Chok Hot Spring


Mae Chok Hot Spring ‘Fun of bathing hot mineral water for people of all ages’ How about soaking your body in a nice hot spring with your family? Won’t that be nice. Hot spring is very popular in northern Thai provinces, including Phrae. Most tourists must visit a hot spring when they

Mae Chok Hot Spring2018-10-30T12:33:07+07:00
  • komol ancient fabric museum, komol old cloth, komol old cloth local museum, komol fabril museum, komol ancient fabric museum in phrae, komol old cloth in phrae, komol old cloth local museum in phrae, komol fabril museum in phrae

Komol Ancient Fabric Museum


Komol Ancient Fabric Museum ‘see all of the magnificent costumes of Thai fashion’ If you have ever watched Thai TV period series like ‘Sarp Phusa’ or ‘Qipao’, you probably be interested in ancient fabric, as these shows present many beautiful pieces of ancient fabrics, all of which are valuable and beautiful. Beside,

Komol Ancient Fabric Museum2018-10-30T12:30:54+07:00

Booking Car Rental


Online Booking Fill your information in the booking form and press submit. Within 24 hours we will email back confirmation of availability and total price as well as a link to our secure encrypted online payment page. Follow the instructions to pay using your credit card. For Join In trips will request the full amount

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  • wat phra that cho hae, phra that cho hae, phra that cho hae temple, wat phra that cho hae in phrae, phra that cho hae temple in phrae, phra that cho hae in phrae, important temples in phrae, attractions in phrae

Wat Phra That Cho Hae


Wat Phra That Cho Hae ‘A religious place for all family members’ Speaking of temples in Phrae that suitable for family members to go on a holiday and spend some blessed time together, this following one can never be ignore. Wat Phra That Cho Hae is a very old temple. With

Wat Phra That Cho Hae2018-10-30T12:28:50+07:00
  • wat phra non in phrae, phra non temple in phrae, attraction temples in phare, important temples in phare, phare attractions

Wat Phra Non in Phrae


Wat Phra Non in Phrae ‘Pay respect to the Lord Buddha statue of the lying-down manner.’ Taking your childrens to a temple early isn’t only good for their history learning, but also good to their minds. Temples are relaxing and peaceful. Therefore, visiting one will make their minds be comfortable. Beside, you

Wat Phra Non in Phrae2018-10-30T12:26:08+07:00
  • wat chom sawan, chom sawan temple, wat chom sawan in phrae, chom sawan temple in phrae, attraction temples in phrae, attractions in phrae, phrae attractions

Wat Chom Sawan


Wat Chom Sawan ‘Stunned with those ancient items.’ If you have enough time, maybe you will want to take your family to admire some ancient items or places, in order to learn about some parts of history. History may have gone already, but it isn’t lost. Learning about history is goo Save

Wat Chom Sawan2018-10-30T12:23:58+07:00
  • wat pong sunan, pong sunan temple, wat pong sunan in phrae, pong sunan temple in phrae, important temples in phrae, attraction temples in phrae

Wat Pong Sunan


Wat Pong Sunan ‘Pay respect and make a wish with a lied-down Lord Buddha statue.’ Here is another good temple in Phrae that every families should go. Wat Pong Sunan is another temple that has a Lord Buddha statue of the lying-down manner. You may want to get your parents or your children

Wat Pong Sunan2018-10-30T12:14:25+07:00
  • khum vongburi, khum vongburi house museum, vongburi house museum, khum vongburi museum, khum vongburi phrae, khum vongburi house museum phrae, vongburi house museum phrae, khum vongburi museum phrae

Khum Vongburi


Khum Vongburi House Museum ‘Take your kids to check-in and take photos.’ This following place should be one of the must-go vintage tourist attractions. It’s good for everybody in families to go. This holiday, if you can’t think of any places else, just grab your kids’ hands, or your love one’s

Khum Vongburi2018-10-30T12:11:30+07:00

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