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Phra That Chae Haeng Temple


Phra That Chae Haeng Temple ‘Admire all architectures of over-600-year age.’ Let’s not miss this glorious temple. Phra That Chae Haeng Temple is a respectable place of Nan Province. It’s believed that the temple is over 600 years old. Phra That Chae Haeng Temple was built in 1348

Phra That Chae Haeng Temple2019-04-24T13:46:15+07:00
  • tai lu people, tai lu inhabitances, tai lu, tai lu village

Tai Lu People


Tai Lu People : Who are they? Let’s get to know them. One of the most lovely things in Thailand is ethnic group. Yes. There are many ethnic groups inhabited in Thailand. Each group has different specialty and culture. Their lives are worthy of learning about and that will be your valuable

Tai Lu People2019-04-19T18:06:55+07:00
  • nong bua temple, nhong bua temple, wat nong bua, wat nhong bua temple

Nong Bua Temple


Nong Bua Temple ‘See the gorgeous murals.’ Another temple in Nan Province that you should visit, is Nong Bua Temple. Nong Bua Temple is an old temple, located in Pha Kha District, Ta Wang Pha County, Nan Province. It’s in the middle of Tai Lu inhabitances. Now, that’s interesting. When you visit

Nong Bua Temple2019-04-24T12:46:49+07:00
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Nunthaburi National Park


Nunthaburi National Park ‘See the romantic sunset.’ Why don’t you ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to see the romantic sunset with you for once in life time? This coming anniversary day, or your holiday, let’s grab his/her hand and do so! You’re welcomed to Nunthaburi National Park, a place where the sunset looks extremely

Nunthaburi National Park2019-04-19T12:21:54+07:00
  • tham sakoen national park, tham sakoen national park in nan, tham sakoen forest park, tham sakoen

Tham Sakoen National Park


Tham Sakoen National Park ‘Enjoy woodland exploring.’ If you have never go hiking before, we suggest you to try for once in lifetime. It’s a valuable experience. You will clean your mind with beautiful nature and also get an exercise at the same time. Sound nice, eh? To choose a place to

Tham Sakoen National Park2019-04-18T13:08:34+07:00
  • mae charim national park, mae charim, mae charim forest park, mae charim national park in nan

Mae Charim National Park


Mae Charim National Park ‘Chill out and enjoy paddling a rubber boat.’ Let us introduce you another national park in Nan that is worthy of visiting. Mae Charim National Park is about 432 square kilometres. It takes place in Mae Charim County and Wiang Sa County. Its story started in 1994,

Mae Charim National Park2019-04-18T13:06:13+07:00
  • khun nan national park, kun nan national park, khunnan national park, kunnan national park

Khun Nan National Park


Khun Nan National Park ‘Have a dream camp of yours!’ Having a camp in the middle of forest is a good activity for families. You probably has been dreaming about it all long. If you’re planning about visiting Thailand, you probably think that the country is hard to find some place nice for

Khun Nan National Park2019-04-17T21:17:18+07:00
  • khun satan national park, khun sathan national park, kun satan national park, kun sathan national park

Khun Sathan National Park


Khun Sathan National Park ‘See how gorgeous the thick fog of Doi Mae Chok is.’ This is another interesting national park in Nan Province, Khun Sathan National Park. During 1998, National Park Centre in Nan sent a document to Royal Forest Department, saying that they found plentiful areas of Huai Mae Kaning

Khun Sathan National Park2019-04-17T21:20:59+07:00
  • si nan national park, sri nan national park, srinan national park, sinan national park

Si Nan National Park


Si Nan National Park ‘See the beauty of mountains.’ Nan Province can never be forgotten, as it’s a beautiful tourism town in northern Thailand. Many good spots to go can be reached. If you have a family and are planning for something nice during your holidays. Then don’t hesitate to go to

Si Nan National Park2019-04-13T18:28:49+07:00
  • bo klua county, bo klua village, bo klua county in nan, bo klua village nan, rock salt village, rock salt village in nan

Bo Klua County


Bo Klua County, Nan Province ‘A unique salt maker’ You must believe that thousands of salt brands originate in industrial factories, but not this one. This one is totally a natural salt maker.  As soon as you visit Bo Klua County, Nan Province, you will know what this is all about.

Bo Klua County2019-04-13T20:47:54+07:00

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