Ta Ton Sailing Trip to The Village Of Karen People

ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton

Ta Ton Sailing Trip ‘Sailing along nice cool water and feel the smell of different cultures.’

You may have been to tourist attractions on the ground for so many times. Therefore, if you get bored, you can switch to somewhere else instead, somewhere new and more interesting for you. 

Well, how about going to a water tourist attraction? You may be confused about the question, What does it mean by a water tourist attraction?. That means youre not going to travel by wheeled vehicles like vans, cars, buses, but you will travel by a boat. Sounds interesting, doesnt it? Going along nice cool water under tree shades.

ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton
ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton

There are many ways for you if you want to go on a water trip. However, if you want a suggestion, then how about Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai? 

Why Ta Ton Sailing Trip?

Because there is a place in Chiang Mai called ‘Ta Ton’, which is in fact a village near Kok River. By going there, you will be able to sit in a boat and travel to any of tourist attractions on the list.

Of course, The Village of Karen People is one of these. You can reach there with just a boat. It is located within the path Ta Ton – Chiang Rai.

Ta Ton Sailing Trip to the Karen village, the tour will takes about 3 hours, for both departing trip and returning trip. The service fee will be about 700-800 Baht. At the first glance, it may sounds quite expensive for you. But imagine this, you escape from a busy life temporarily, sail along nice cool water, learn about new things and new types of culture at the same time. Won’t that be worthy?

But if you have a large amount of budget, you may grab a boat and pay the service fee in lump sum instead. The price for lump-sum boat travel will be more expensive, of course. Each boat can contain 8 tourists. Therefore, if you especially want to have some special time with your family and friends, or want a larger seat, then don’t hesitate to bring your money out.

ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton
ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton

Then, after you reach The Village of Karen People, you may continue with a touring on an elephant’s back. By doing so, you will be taken for sightseeing around the village. The price for that is only 300 Baht per 30 minutes. Each elephant can support 2 tourists. You may want to take lovely photos during your trip. But be careful not to drop your camera or move aggressively, or it will be dangerous.

You may also befriend those Karen people. Don’t be awkward. These people are lovely and friendly. Even you probably don’t understand their language, but just try to communicate and listen. You may use hand language for a little help, really.

If you have any questions of Karen people’s lifestyles or culture, you may ask them directly. Ask them to explain some of the information to you. You will get a lot of new knowledge from this. It will be your new valuable experience.

Beside of The Village of Karen People, there are also other ethnic villages where you can reach by taking a boat from Ta Ton, for examples, Ban Muang Ngam Karen Village, Ban Pa Tai Lahu Village, Ban Pa Mub Mhai Lahu Village, or Ban Mhai Shan Village. The service prices are up to time length. 

On top of that, you can even have a romantic cruise dinner along Kok River! That is true, definitely true. If you are on a honeymoon trip, just give it a try. Call 086-186 8525, or 088-2580590 to book seats and ask for further information.

ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton
ta ton sailing trip, ta ton village, ta ton

How to get there 

Ta Ton Village is about 24 kilometres away from the northern side of Fang County.

You can get there even if you don’t have a personal car, but it may takes quit a time. For an example, you may start your trip from Chiang Mai, grab a bus, go through Chang Phuak Gate, reach Fang County within 4 hours, then travel to Ta Ton village for about 30 minutes by a minibus or you would like to do the private tour, please contact us.