Attractions in Khun Yuam District

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From the city of Mae Hong Son, go along the high way the Highway no. 108 (Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam). The small market town of Khun Yuam services the local villages situated in the Yuam River valley, approximately half way between Muang Mae Hong Son and Mae Sariang. It is quite bustling in the mornings as lots of Hmong, Karen and even the rarely encountered Lawa people from the surrounding hills come into town to sell or buy goods but otherwise this is a very sleepy little spot with not really a lot to see. About 1 kilometers before reaching Khun Yuam, turn left into the Highway no. 1263 and further for another 26 kilometers on the asphalt road to the wild sunflower field. The marvel of this wild sunflower field has made know Khun Yuam District, once unknown because of its remoteness, what a town on the hill to reach by driving round a thousand curves. It was said that if any government officers were transferred to post in Khun Yuam being imprisoned on the hill, as it takes over a day for their relatives to visit them. Apart from the wild sunflower field, in the evening Doi Mae U-Kor also offers a nice view of sunset with splendid piled up shadows of mountains; while in the morning from the camping area on the mountaintop a magnificent sunrise can be viewed.

Attractions in Khun Yuam

khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son

Wat Muai To

Wat Muai To is on Highway No.108 from Mae Hong Son province, on the left side. The Chedi is fully decorated in Mon style. There is an upright of infirmary where injured soldiers were cured during World War II. Ashes of the Japanese soldiers who died during that time were kept along the temple’s fence.

Khun Yuam Indigenous Cultural Center : located at Km. 200 on Highway No. 108. The centre has a considerable collection of Thai Yai and other hilltribes handicrafted products.

khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son
khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son

The World War II Museum

The World War II Museum located next to the cultural center. The museum displays military equipments, accessories, weapons, clothes, photos etc. of Japanese Army which entered Amphoe Khun Yuam during World War II. different from the museum in Kanchanaburi which shows cruelty of Japanese troops. In this area, it’s said that local people took good care of tens of thousands of soldiers who retreated from their disastrous defeat at the Battle of Imphal. The relationship between the local people and Japanese soldiers were very good.

khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son

Wat To Phae

Wat Tor Phrae is an old large Myanmar Vihara, This temple is located 7 kilometres from Khun Yuam market having an old large Burmese style Viharn and a beautiful Mon style pagoda. According to the legend, it is said that this area was once used as a rest place to gather wood logs for assembling rafts.

khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son

Bua Tong Fields at Doi Mae U-Kho

Bua Tong Fields at Doi Mae U-Kho is more interesting for Thai people than foreign tourists. The marvel of the wild sunflower field has made known Khun Yuam and Mae Hong Son. Travel : trip route from Khun Yuam district is quite tortuous. You have to go up and down along the hillside slope. The Dok Bua Tong (may be classified as wild sunflowers) will burst into full bloom in early winter during November-December, painting the entire hilly area over 1,000 rai of Doi Mae U-kho in brilliant yellow draw flocks of visitors to Khun Yuam district. Camping sites arranged during the Bua Tong Bloom Festival, is 26 kilometers from the district on Highway No. 1263. Blossom period of Bua Tong is Nov till late Dec every year. The gigantic size of Bua Tong field covers more than 1,000 rai. In the afternoon, sunlight become orange and beautify color of Bua Tong that impress all visitors. Tourists can rent a tent for camping on the hill.

Namtok Mae U-Kho : This is a 30-metre-high waterfall situated 3 kilometres off the route to Doi Mae U-kho.

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Phu Chi Per

Phu Chi Per is a sightseeing spot like Mon Yun Lai. The whole area consists of mountains and forests. There are terraces to take a look at the scenery from different views.

Phu Chi Per is located near Doi Mae-U-Kho Buatong Field. It’s about 1,818 metres higher than the sea level. So high that you can even see the Buatong Field below. And if you get there at a right time, you would be able to see the sunset and the light fog.

Once you get to the top, the scenery of mountains around you will look like the surface of the ocean wave.

khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son

Namtok Mae Surin National Park

11 kms from Doi Mae Ukor (Bua Tong Field) to the great waterfall, Mae Surin. Road is narrow, steep and tortuous. On the top of hill which you may park and walk a bit to appreciate the beauty of the waterfall. Namtok Mae Surin National Park given national park status in 1981, this natural wonder, which straddles Mueang and Khun Yuam districts, encompasses a wildlife and botanical reserve, a huge waterfall and a spectacular terraced mountain. Namtok Mae Surin, its main attraction, is 37 kilometres from Khun Yuam district. It is a huge waterfall cascading eighty meters down below. The other spot, you have to walk down to the lowest level about 3 kms or 1 hour. You will so exhausted about 3 hours on trekking up and down like I did. However, it’s worth when you stand as I did and came up with these photos.

khun yuam, khun yuam attractions, khun yuam mae hong son

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