Black House Museum or Baan Dam

black house, black house museum, baan dam, baan dam chiang rai

Chaing Rai” is abound city with artwork from various artists, various guidelines, and various emotions. At this Black House, Acharn (Teacher) Thawan Duchanee has devoted his energies spent over 25 years building up this huge Folk Art Museum and art exhibitions which be valuable and unique in a vast area of over 100 acres of Baan Dam.

In the area of Baan Dam have dwellings architecture and a variety of creative design in a total of more than 40 units by Acharn (Teacher) Thawan Duchanee. Each building also on display are works of art to admire and clearly demonstrate the identity of A. Thawan such as buffalo horns art work, animal bones, tiger and snake skin, beautiful woodwork carving, ornate stucco art work that conceals a philosophy and quaint bathrooms. It created a lot of excitement and also gets new concepts through these artworks.

black house, black house museum, baan dam, baan dam chiang rai

Besides, there is the Black House Gallery where is a place to exhibit paintings and works of art, including A hand stamped of A. Thawan to watch. And if you want to go shopping, there’s the souvenir art works for sale as well.

The suggestion for the visitors:

The artist feels more than understanding because understanding can seek for different ways. But knowledge must come to see by yourself. And before coming here, may be viewed and get more information from the site first.

Black House Museum is opened daily because no fences.  After all, here we come over 30 years ago as a private museum. But now we open for everyone can visit here. The opened-closed time is 9.00-12.00 13.00-17.00hrs, open daily.

black house, black house museum, baan dam, baan dam chiang rai

How to visit:

The Baan Dam far from the Chiang Rai city center about 10 kilometers.  From the city of Chiang Rai, drive up to the airport, pass Chiang Rai Airport and go straight to Singha Brewery Company Limited on the left hand and turn left at Soi 1. Straight ahead about 3 kilometers to reach the Mesuem. Another way, we can provide a budget tour or a private tour for your group with good service and comfortable.

Opening hours and Entrance fee : Opens daily from 9 am until 5 pm.  Admission is 80 THB


414 Baandam Nanglae Moo 13 Tumbol Nanglae, Mueang Chiang Rai 57100 Thailand

Contact number: (66) 053-705-834, (66) 89-767-4444

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Note : Wheelchair users is accessible

Note : Wheelchair users is accessible

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