Srisatchanalai Historical Park ‘An ancient place in the middle of nature’

srisatchanalai historical park, srisatchanalai, srisatchanalai sukhothai

Although you can’t travel backward through time, but you can still have your chance to learn some interesting history. In Thailand, there are still many ancient architectures and other learning resources for you to visit, including this one in Sukhothai, Srisatchanalai Historical Park.

Srisatchanalai historical park itself is a very old town. You may have or haven’t heard about it before. In case you haven’t heard about it, the town is located in Srisatchanalai County, Sukhothai Province. As it’s very valuable for history learning and worthy of preservation, Fine Arts Department established the project ‘Srisatchanalai Historical Park’ years ago. Now, it’s a place where people can visit to relax themselves with natural atmosphere or even learn little details of the history.

srisatchanalai historical park, srisatchanalai, srisatchanalai sukhothai

In fact, Srisatchanalai historical park takes place in many districts: Srisatchanalai, Sarachit, Nong Ao, and Ta Chai. The whole area is about 45.14 square kilometres large, with about 215 ancient architectures.

Most of the ancient architectures at the park are temples. Some of them were already renovated, but some of them weren’t. If you walk around, you will see a lot of stone architectures and walls. They’re mostly old and rugged, but they still look beautiful and valuable.

srisatchanalai historical park, srisatchanalai, srisatchanalai sukhothai

Trees are all around. The area is very quiet and relaxing. Ancient temples are located on different spots of the park. In case you don’t know your way, here are some that you should go.

  1. Wat Chang Lom : This temple is located behind the wall of Srisatchanalai. It’s well-known for the Lanka principle pagoda. You will see it being surrounded with many stone poles. Beside, you will want to go around and see some other remained parts of the temple, including the vihara.
  2. Wat Nang Phaya : This temple has very beautiful patterns on it.
  3. Wat Khao Panom Ploeng : You will want to see the circle-shaped pagoda of this temple.

The park is available everyday, from 8:00-17:00. The admission fee is even less than 50 Baht!

How to get there 

You should start your trip from the heart of Sukhothai. Drive along the Highway No.101. Cross Yom River Bridge at about the 17th or 19th kilometre spot. Then, you will find a junction, which its right way should lead you to the park. Keep going along the road for about 1 kilometre.

In case you don’t have a car, don’t worry. There are some public vehicles for you. You may get one in front of municipality market.

Srisatchanalai Historical Park Map