Chiang Mai Monkey School

We invite you to join with wonderful animal at the Chiang Mai Monkey School in the beautiful Mae Rim Valley just 20 minutes drive from Thailand’s ancient capital, Chiang Mai.

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To begin your visit you can stroll around and meet some of Thailand’s more exotic residents including a large number of highly intelligent macaques. If you wish, you can ask one of our friendly staff to let you hold or feed them for moments that make great photos.

Each hour a 30 minutes show begins where the monkeys demonstrate an impressive range of talents such as coconut-picking, bike-riding, basketball and arithmetic. Audience members, especially the youngsters, are encouraged to join in the fun – a good example of this being where people are asked to challenge our clever friends’ number skills.

chiang mai monkey school, chiang mai monkey show, attractions in chiang mai

While the emphasis at Chiang Mai Monkey School is on fun, it’s also a great place to learn about these wonderful animals by asking our staff any questions you may have or by attending the “educational corner”

The show times : every 30 minute

Entry fee : the entry is 200 baht

Healthy diet for monkeys :
Our monkeys eat vegetables, fruit, taro, worms and various insects. They also eat rice twice a day in the morning and evening. Milk, fruit and eggs maybe a supplemental food at noon. Baby corn and banana are monkeys’ favorite foods. Over-or incorrect feeding could cause the monkeys to become fat, slow, and develop bad habits.
Naturally the monkey is one of the most clever, dynamic and knowing animals so monkey trainers should train them with patience, endeavor, sympathy, mercy and intention. Through this process the trainer and monkeys should gradually understand each other and the monkeys will follow the instructors orders.

Note : Wheelchair user is accessible

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