The Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, amazing garden for flower lovers

Botanic garden is a Scientific and Educational Center for Thailand Plant Resource Conversation

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Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden is one place were you can enjoy manicured natural gardens with so many birds. A real relaxing atmosphere for a person who appreciates the beauty of the world in plants, trees and flowers.

In 1992, the Thai Government set up the Botanical Garden Organization (BGO) to strengthen botanical research and ex-situ conservation of Thailand valuable plant resource. The BGO has a status of a state enterprise under the Prime Ministers Office. In October 2002, as the result of state sectors reform, the BGO was transferred to be under the responsibility of a new Ministry – Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (QSBG), or formerly known as Mae Sa Botanic Garden, is the first botanical garden of the country at international standards for there are scientific basis and purposes for the collections, and the provision of botanical education and research. In 1994, the BGO received the honor from HM the Queen to grant a royal permission to name this northern botanic garden after Her Majesty ‘s name as Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden.

botanic garden, botanic garden chiang mai, attractions in chiang mai

Established in the lush mountains of Doi-Suthep, on the Mae Rim-Samoeng road, this spectacular garden could not be in a more splendid setting. The Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, established in 1993, covers an area of 6,500 acres. three major streams in the area converge into one, providing year round water, and the regional climate in this mountainous area isideally suited to the project. The garden is used for conservation and studying of plants. In the early years, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden was visited by directors and administrators from renowned botanical gardens around the world who unanimously gave their support to the project. Over the years it has developed into a truly world class establishment that can be visited by every one.

You can choose to visit the garden with your own car or by the little train provided by the management. As the first true botanical garden in the country the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden also serves as a centre of botanic studies and research. The highlight is the Glasshouse Complex, comprising four exhibition conservatories and eightdisplay glasshouses. plants are grouped together according to their environmental condition, and the houses are each monitored to control light, humidy abd ventilation. All plants are labeled in Thai and in English.

The other area of the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden includes the Arboreta, Natural Science Museum, Climber Collection, Thai Orchid Nursery and Rock Garden. There are numerous walking trails in this expansive area, as well as plenty of shades places to relax. A river also runs through the grounds, providing some lovely spots.

botanic garden, botanic garden chiang mai, attractions in chiang mai

Canopy Walkway at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

The Botanical Garden Organization will soon be launching a canopy walkway at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Chiang Mai province. The Botanical Garden Organization Director General Pramook Pensut has revealed that the canopy walkway will be the longest one ever built in Thailand. It will open to the public in December 2015.

Fifty million baht has been spent on building the walkway, which is 400 meters long and 20 meters high. Hailed as one of the most beautiful walkways in Thailand, visitors can get a bird’s-eye view of the garden from the tree tops. Sections of the walkway will also have a glass floor. Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden is located in Mae Rim district of Chiang Mai near Doi Suthep.

The best time to visit the garden is in the morning and you can easily spend the day there, visiting the different exhibition halls, walking along the trails and enjoying a delicious coffee watching the superb view over the mountains. The centre also offer a souvenir shop with plants at very affordable prices. It is simply the perfect destination for a day out in the country!

botanic garden, botanic garden chiang mai, attractions in chiang mai

If you want t o see an incredible botanica garden, topiary, orchids and pristine grounds put this on your list. This is a wonderful experience. The Botanic gardens are set on quite a steep hillside, so not easy walking in places, but you can get transport from the entrance (Entry fee 200 THB) or take your own car to the top where there are two huge greenhouses, one full of tropical trees and plants, the other with cacti and other arid zone plants. A cafe and gift shop, also at the top, offer terrific views and snacks to suit both Thai and western tastes. It is not far from Mae Rim, and close to the Maesa elephant camp. For the private tour on the way back to Chiang Mai you can stop at Tiger Kingdom, Monkey farm, Butterfly farm, Snake farm and many activity along the way.

Note : Not accessible for wheelchair user

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