Wat Kam Ko ‘Have you ever seen Shan architectures before?’

wat kam ko, kam ko temple, wat kamko, kamko temple

A temple in Thailand doesnt always have to be decorated with pure Thai art only. It doesnt have to be that way. Everybody knows that Thailand has received many different types of cultures from different nations since the age of history. Therefore, it will be no strange if there are some other kinds of arts within temples in Thailand. Take Wat Kam Ko as an example. This temple is mostly decorated in Shan style.

The legend says that the temple was built in the year 1890 by Kru Ba Tao, a Shan man and the first abbot.  He himself had evacuated from Chiang Tong before he found an empty area in a forest. The area was large enough for establishing a temple without having to deforest. Kru Ba Tao called villagers, gathering them to help him get things ready. After everyone had seen that everything is ready, the temple was started to be built. All those materials were provided by villagers.

wat kam ko, kam ko temple, wat kamko, kamko temple

There are many interesting architectures within the Kam Ko temple.

  1. The gate to the sermon hall : In the past, most people would always take off their shoes and slippers, leaving those at the gate, before getting inside the temple. They did belived that if somebody wear shoes or slippers and walk into the place like that, it would be like bringing a bad luck.
  2. The vihara : This one is decorated with Shan-Burmese style and mostly used for religious rituals.
  3. The dhamma-practicing pavillion : For those who love dhamma practicing, you may ask someone at the temple for further details. If everything is ready, you will sit inside the pavilion, which can contain about 100 people.
  4. Suvarnabhumi Pavilion : This is s multi-purpose pavilion.
  5. Luang Pu To Pavilion : You can find a realistic statue of Luang Pu To and King Chulalongkorn, the 5th king of Thailand, there. Don’t forget to pay your respect.
  6. The prociple Lord Buddha statue : Make a little wish and pay respect to the statue before you leave.
wat kam ko, kam ko temple, wat kamko, kamko temple

How to get there

Wat Kam Ko is located in Muang County of Mae Hong Son. You can get there by keep going along the Highwat No.108. Be patient and travel all the way up to the mountain. It will require about 15 kilometres. Then you should pass Mae Hong Son Stadium and Phaya Singhanatracha Memorial. Finally, the temple will be right in front of you or you can contact us to arrange the private tour package for you.

Note Wheelchair user is accessible for ground temple.

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