Muang On Cave : Attractions in Chiang Mai

Visit the fascinating Muang On Cave and spend peaceful moment in the cave, Muang On Caves are filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

muangon cave, muang on cave, chiang mai attractions

Muang On Cave is a huge cave with trail of history since there are many ancient buddist antiques. The cave itself had a beautiful scenery with limestone hills and cliff , natural furnished with stalagmite , stalactite. Include with captivating history and legend of this historic cave.

This cave is situated at Sankampaeng near the Hot Springs. A long staircase leads up to the mouth of the cave. A steep climb down again gives access to a number of caverns filled with impressive stalagmites and stalactites. The winding caves are home to thousands of natural stalactites and stalagmites, and a concrete pathway allows visitors to wander past the dozens of shrines.

muangon cave, muang on cave, chiang mai attractions

Before the springs (Sankampang hot springs) it is worth taking the turning to the left to visit the Muang On caves. At the foot of the hill is an attractive Chinese Temple. The road then climbs much higher up the hill to the caves. A narrow scaled road leads up the side of a hill to a small car park. From there you have to climb up a steep naga stairway for about 100 meters, about 180 steps before reaching the entrance to the caves. Make sure the lights have been switched on before descending into some big, deep caverns. A large seated Buddha image amidst stalactites creates an impressive effect. A 30 foot long “Reclining Buddha” named Pro Garoona Sai Yars. Built four years ago, this relaxed ‘fella’ looks strangely out of place in an environment that most people find “spooky” to say the least. The basement of the cave is littered with tiny images resting on small niches in the cave wall. These are dwarfed by a handsome meditative Buddha image that sits high up on a ledge just above a naturally formed basin of water. But the centerpiece of this spacious grotto is a gigantic stalagmite named “Jedee Mae Nomm Fah”. This awesome formation of nature is thirty feet high and ten feet in diameter. Wrapped around it are several brightly colored sashes in red, yellow and orange, resulting in projecting a surreal effect upon the entire scene, of the cave floor. It is an astounding sight.

muangon cave, muang on cave, chiang mai attractions

A visit to the Muang On caves is only for the fit. Firstly there is a long climb up a Naga staircase from the car park, before reaching the entrance to the caves. The caves are well lit and there are young guides available to point out the major sites, which are also Buddhist shrines. However to reach the famous stalagmite it is necessary to climb down a long concrete staircase, which means it is along climb back up to exit the caves.

Take your time and wander all over the caverns as there are some fascinating sights along with lots of nooks and crannies to be found. Once you have finished exploring the caverns be prepared for the long climb back up the staircases to the cave entrance.

A visit to Muang On Cave is a great day trip especially if combined with a visit to the Sankampang Hot Springs, and visits to the many handicraft centres and factories dotted all along Sankampang Road.

muangon cave, muang on cave, chiang mai attractions

How to get there ?

Muang On Cave is arranged in the San Kamphaeng District, around 30km East of Chiang Mai close to the Hot Springs. Access the Chiang Mai Superhighway (Route 11) that circles the city and exit east onto Route 1006. Stay on Route 1006 for about 20 kilometers before bearing left on Route 1317. Follow Route 1317 for 7 kilometers and take a right at the sign for Muang On Cave in Mae On. If you are interested Private Tour to Muang On Cave combined with San Kanpaeng Hot Spring please, contact us.

Entrance fee & opening hours Open from 08.00 am. to 05.00 pm. Entrance fee : 30 THB per person.

Note : Not accessible for wheelchair user

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