Grand Canyon Chiang Mai : ‘The Stuning Water Source In The Middle Of Valleys’

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon chiangmai

You may only know the name Grand Canyonby thinking about the one in Arizona, United States. But, you know what, there is also a Grand Canyonin Thailand! 

In Chiang Mai, there is a tourist attraction called Grand Canyon Chiang Mai, which looks almost as same as the one in Arizona, being surrounded with clear water and high dirt walls. 

Therefore, if you dont have enough time and money to go to Grand Canyon in Arizona, perhaps you can go to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai instead. 

Now, if youre interested, lets get to know more about Grand Canyon Chiang Mai.

Ten years ago, Grand Canyon Chiang Mai was not a tourist attraction yet. At the time, there was a group of workers tried to create a pond by digging the ground. Even though they wanted to do that for a commercial purpose, but the pond was useless anyway. Therefore it was abandoned. And as time went by, the pond has been filled with flood and then turned into a stunning sight of beautiful dirt walls with emerald-colored water source instead. Now, it’s a wonderful tourist attractions that most tourists love to visit.

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon chiangmai

However, at the time that Grand Canyon Chiang Mai was newly open, it wasn’t exactly a tourist attraction. In fact, there was a rule that prohibit swimming in the water. There were signs in Thai and English said that very clear, but tourists still loved to jump into the water anyway. Many people still violated the rule. From that point, the owner decided to change the rule, turned the place into a real tourist attraction, and allowed tourists to swim in the water. There are authorities to watch over tourists, of course.

As soon as you arrive at the Grand Canyon, you will feel like it is a water park, but it will look more natural. You will completely forget your old swimming pool. You will not possibily imagine of yourself getting soaked in a beautiful water source in the middle of dirt walls. It is some kind of heaven, actually.

On your holidays, just grab your children, your grandchildren, your cousins, or you friends and take off to Grand Canyon. You guys can have a great time together there. There are a bunch of activities for you to do, for examples, renting a rubber boat and play with it in the water, renting a float ring for your child and let him/her swim with you. Just think how fun will it be. You will fee totally good and forget all stresses.

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon chiangmai

In case you want to jump into the water, you have to be extra careful. You have to jump at safe spots only, or you will get injured. In fact, it will be best if you jump with an authority near you.

The admission fee fro Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is only 50 Baht per person, both Thai and foreign. This is very affordable.

The place is available everyday, from 8:00-19:00. But it will be best if you go in the morning, as the weather will be most perfect. If you go after the sunset, you may not have enough fun, as you may barely see the water.

grand canyon chiang mai, grand canyon chiangmai

How to get there

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is located at 244, Area 3, Nam-Prae District, Hang-Dong County, Chiang Mai Province.

You can start your enging in Chiang Mai downtown. Just follow the Irrigation Canal Road. Don’t get out of Chiang Mai Night Safari-The International Horticultural Exposition. Not so long, you should arrive at junction of Rajapruek Road-Kanklong Road. That’s right. Keep going until you see Nhongkwai Junction. Then, continue straight and pass Hang-Dong Golf Club.

Later, you will see a PTT Gas Station on your left side. You have to slide right immediately, in order to get ready to cross a bridge. After you cross it, you have to drive for another 500 metres. You need to be extra cautious at this point, as the road is not very smooth. However, finally, you just have to turn left again and keep going for 250 metres. And that’s where you will find the Grand Canyon.

Entrance fee & opening hours : Open from 09.00 am. to 06.00 pm. Entrance fee : Entrance fee is 350 THB with free life jacket provided.

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