Chiang Mai City Tour by TukTuk

If you’ve been to Thailand for so many times, but you haven’t sit in a Tuktuk, then we would like to introduce this tour to you.

This ‘Chiang Mai City Tour by Tuktuk’ will take you around Chiang Mai for a sightseeing in Tuktuk. You won’t walk on your feet for miles.

Tour Overview

Overview :

Embark on an unforgettable Chiang Mai City Tour by Tuk Tuk, where you’ll explore the city’s historic and cultural gems in the most unique way. Your adventure begins with a visit to Tha Phae Gate, the eastern gateway to the old city. This iconic site, with its ancient walls and bustling square, sets the tone for a day filled with history and charm.

Next, you’ll visit the majestic Wat Chedi Luang. This ancient temple, known as the ‘Temple of the Big Stupa,’ boasts a towering structure that once housed the revered Emerald Buddha. The journey continues to the Three Kings Monument, a tribute to the city’s founders. Marvel at the shimmering beauty of Wat Sri Suphan, the ‘Silver Temple,’ where artisans craft intricate silver pieces.

Finally, dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Waroros Market, a local favorite for fresh produce, unique souvenirs, and a taste of daily life in Chiang Mai. With our expert guide providing insights and stories, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Chiang Mai’s rich history and culture, making this tour a truly enriching experience. Unlike a solo tuk tuk ride, our guided tour ensures you visit the best spots, learn fascinating details, and fully appreciate the soulful and profound art and history of Chiang Mai.

Tour Price/Person

Don’t miss Tuktuk if you’re in Thailand. This is a very popular and unique vehicle in the country. Most foreign tourists love it. Let yourself to have a taste of this experience for once in lifetime. Feel the cool wind while you’re in Tuktuk and be happy with it! Get your whole family with you too! See you in this program!

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    Subject : Budget11 Chiang Mai City Tour by Tuktuk

    Morning 8:30a.m.Afternoon 1:30p.m.


    Children Price 800 Baht for children not over 7 years old and below 110 cm  tall

    Half day tour (about 3-3.5 hours)

    Number of passengers 2 Adult/Tuk Tuk

    Group size will be 12 persons

    Insurance cover medical bills up to a maximum amount of 1,000,000 baht

    Cancellation Policies

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