Pang Ung is one of Mae Hong Son’s hidden treasures

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

Pang Ung is the best place for viewing and camping, catch the magnificent view of sun light and mystical beauty of the lake.

Pang Ung is located between Phang Ma Pa and Muang Mae Hong Son, where is very close to the border of Myanmar. It is a small place be located on the mountain. There is a camping ground and home stays around the area.

Previously, this area is degraded forest. It is the opium of the people of this land. The King came to visit them in 1979, The King saying about his the project works through voluntary contributions of the villagers and the military as an administrator because this is exactly the border area. The project works lead them to grow the winter planting colorful flowers, plants and herbs around it instead of opium. And to be interested in food and traditional Thai medicine. This place is harmonious with the terrain at high altitudes and cold weather. And there is aquaculture ponds, which are the extinction of endemic species of frogs. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy nature and tranquility. Beside the voluntary, there are the other 23 homes on the neighboring residents have come to participate to do a home stay that made the project be completed. Pang Ung project was officially opened as tourist attractions in the year 2003 to give the local people more involved with the project. Both the house and garden and agricultural products and selling coffee.

Now, It seems to have come together more and more popular. Especially during the winter, there will be people at the camp saw a lot different.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

A large reservoir in Pang Ung is popular and attracts more and more visitors to come every year. Its lake view, pine leaves, beautiful mountain scenes, and hazy fog in the morning are a perfect combination for visitors who love to touch by natures. Surrounded by a verdant pine forest, the lake is beautiful in every season. Walking or Jogging along the lakeside are pleasant activities to do. There are camping areas and guesthouses around the lake. Pang Ung sometimes is called “Switzerland in Thailand”. In the winter, sometimes the temperature drops to zero and create a thin film of ice covered flowers and plants.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

Pang Ung addition to the atmosphere of fog in the morning then. Another event not to be missed is the rafting and sightseeing. Surroundings The star of the hit Pang Ung. It is bestowed by the Swan Queen. The black swans and white swans, each with a double and one should not miss to visit the park near Pang Ung. Office of the Royal Development Projects The build-up to the vegetation. That blend with the landscape on the high opium substitute. But abandoned traditional crops, which can be useful in food and pharmaceutical medicine Thailand. And create harmony with the landscape, such as avocados, persimmons, pears, plums, as well as a decorative garden timber. Winter flowers such as roses, hydrangea Pyrostegia Venusta They are trying to bring the area’s flora and fauna such as orchids Pang Ung back gouging and various orchids.

If you’re looking for pure beauty and peace, we highly recommend stopping here if you can, and either staying in one of the cabins or tent camping! And as a bonus, the drive to get here is beautiful, and there are plenty of things to see along the way.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

Things to do in Pang Ung

  • The campsite is totally different from the others as its actually beside the lake. If you want to experience nature up close. You can see the stars at night. You can have the tent has both bring their own tents and tent rental.
  • Watch a variety of tribal life.
  • Coffee, fresh from the farm.
  • Pang Ung’s atmosphere. There are bamboo rafts on the lake that you can rent out and even a pony you can take for a ride
  • Nature and Two views of the pine forest. Three pine surrounds the vast reservoir. Surrounded by mountains and lush.
  • There is a pretty waterfall (Pha Suea Waterfall) and Royal Agricultural Project (flower garden) on the way up.

Appropriate time : Pang Ung for tourists. The most beautiful are during the winter months (November to Febuary), But it can be visited all year.

pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son
pang ung, pangung, pang ung lake, pang ung mae hong son

How to get to Pang Ung

Pang Ung is located 44 kilometers from Mae Hong Son’s city. It takes about 2.5 hours if you drive from the city. Traveling to Pang Ung, recently Mae Hong Son province has revised its regulations for Pang Ung visitors. Since the visitors have increased every year, in order to prevent accidents from unfamiliar local road drivers and to lessen traffic disturbing the environment, the province will provide trucks to transport visitors for 50 Baht each for the round-trip. We are travel agency in Chiang Mai, we can provide the private tor from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son for your group.

Opening hours : Opens daily from 5.30 am until 6 pm.

Admission fee : 

– Thai people; 20 THB for Adult and 10 THB for child.

– Foreigner; 100 THB for Adult and 50 THB for child.

Note Wheelchair user is accessible.

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