Geological Magic at Pai Canyon

pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai

One of the best things to do in Pai. Pai Canyon is pretty huge so you’ll be able to find your own quiet corner to relax and enjoy the view. If you like adventure this is for you.

Pai Canyon or Kong Lan (famously known as Kong Lan in Thai) is described in some tourist brochures as Thailand’s answer to the Grand Canyon. To say that’s stretching a point would be putting it mildly. Pai Canyon geological and topographic features are quite stunning. This unique geographical area has been formed by continuous erosion over decades until reaching the current condition. The carved narrow ledges and slabs that have survived the erosive actions of the elements have steep 30 meters deep cliff drops and a series of narrow walkways cut on the ridges of giant rock walls that snake out into the densely forested valley.

pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai
pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai

The scenery up there is majestically beautiful and the views impressive; you would not expect such a nature behind the hills. The landscape is quite original, the scenic area offers an awesome 360° panorama best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset.

It’s good to be there before sunrise or sunset and take a walk as well. The whole panorama is very picturesque when the sun hits the top of the mountain-range.

pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai
pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai

The Pai Canyon is an incredible place to explore! It is a 5 minute walk to the top of the canyon from the car park and from there you can venture off to many different tracks! For the more adventurous, you can walk around the canyon and take some great photos! It gets pretty busy at sunset as a bunch of tour guides in town finish their Pai day trips here.

Amazing for hiking unique landscapes, and exploring

The walk up to the first view point is easily accessible to anyone even with a moderate level of fitness. However, the paths leading further vary widely in width, steepness and danger. It will give you a little thrill and it is not for the faint-hearted. There is nothing in the way of safety bars and you are free to venture as far afield into the canyon as you dare. But with a 30-50 metre plus drop on either side be careful where you tread.

If you’re planning to hike at the Pai Canyon, do remember to bring good shoes and water.

If you want to do all the trikes then you need half of the day but you have to be tuff and not scary of height . It is very dangerous a very slippery ground do not do when rain occurs . Some trikes are long and dangerous some are less but still scary to do . Just be careful

pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai
pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai

Best time to go pai canyon?

The best times to walk the Pai Canyon are early mornings or at the end of afternoons, when it is cooler for the climbs and you get a great light. At dusk is when you get a perfect combination of scenery and temperature, and you might also catch a beautiful sunset. At other times, the area can become swelteringly hot and humid. Remember to bring water and good shoes and camera here!!!

Pai Canyon is very nice place to spend the time and take a short walk, with wonderful panoramic view.

pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai
pai canyon, kong lan, attractions in pai

Getting to Pai Canyon

Located on highway 1095 not far from the World War II Memorial BridgePai Canyon is located 8km south of Pai and can be reached by scooter, bike or taxi (you would need to hire one for the day). The views it offers makes it worth a visit if you’re already in Pai.

If you travel to Pai, Pai Canyon will usually feature on the itinerary alongside other locations such as the Pai Memorial Bridge and Wat Phra That Mae Yen temple or please contact us to provide the private car rental with driver or private tour package for more comfortable.

Address : Highway 1095, Ban Rong Yang, Pai District, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Entracce Fee : There is no entrance fee to visit Pai Canyon.

Note : Not accessible for wheelchair user

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