Nong Buakhad Park : ‘A suggested place for leisure exercises and mind-relaxing activities’

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Tourist attractions in Chiang Mai meet all needs of tourists, as there are various kinds of them. If you are quite adventurous, you may join something like zipline adventure, or rafting. If you love animals, you may visit Chiang Mai Zoo or an elephant camp. If you love history, you should visit a temple or a museum. If you love nature, you should visit a national park. Or, if you love to do some leisure activities like jogging, reading, riding a bike, listening music, or something similar, you should visit a park.

 Quite coincidently, there is the ONLY park in Chiang Mai City Municipal. Its name is Nong Buakhad Park.

nong buakhad, nong buakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad park
nong buakhad, nong buakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad park

Nong Buakhad Park was extablished by the city municipal. The main idea was about giving people a good place to relax their minds with their favourite activities. That works, however, as there are many tourists, both Thai and foreign, visit the park most everyday.

And, in case you don’t realise, Nong Buakhad Park has also been being used as the location of Flower Festival for 29 years. Moreover, it’s also used to host some other big festival, for an instance, Songkran Festival.

The atmosphere of the park is fabulous. There are many trees, flowers, water resources, etc. around. You can even sit in a pavillion in the middle of a pond, just to read your favourite book or listen to music.

Long story short, the park is very very beautiful! It’s wide and stunning. You should take your camera with you too.

nong buakhad, nong buakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad park

If you have a bicycle, you may want to take it to Nong Buakhad Park. Or, if you don’t know what to do on a weekend, you may call your friends and ask them out to play badminton, volleyball, or football with you there.

Or, if you want to take you small children for a walk, that will be great. Nong Buakhad Park is full of valuable natural resources. It will help your children to learn how to love nature too.

If you’re looking for a romantic date spot, the park is perfect. Enjoy a leisurely stroll under the tree shades with your loved one, hand in hand. If you’re about to get married, the park makes an ideal location for pre-wedding photoshoots. This versatile park is suitable for various kinds of activities, depending on your preferences.

nong buakhad, nong buakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad park
nong buakhad, nong buakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad park

How to get there 

Nong Buakhad Park is located on Arak Road, Phra Singh District, Muang County, Chiang Mai province.

In case you drive your own car, just start your trip by following the Chiang Mai Moat road and heading for southwest or Jang Goo Huang. And, on the opposite side of Jang Goo Huang, you should find your destination.

However, there aren’t parking lots at the park. Therefore you need to park your car at someplace else nearby instead.

If you worry about parking lots and the route you have to follow so much, then you probably take a public vehicle. A B2 bus or a Line-10 bus is available. The travel fees are not too expensive. They’re minimally about 15 or 20 Baht. Or, you may hail a red truck and tell the driver that you want to go to Nongbuakhad Park.

Nong Buakhad Park Map