Maetang Elephant Camp

 Good and fun for the whole family at Maetang Elephant Camp

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Maetang Elephant Camp is situated in the beautiful maetaman valley some 50 kilometers north of Chiangmai and is home to over 40 elephants. Withness the splendor of thesemajestic animals as the herd wallows and frolices in the brown waters of the maetang river and marvel at their size as they emerge dripping and refreshed, just inches away from you. Touch them,smell them, fell their power and talk to them because they are friendly. Select the one you like most and give him a banana, he will be a friend for life because elephant never forget.

You will watch the farmer and the buffalo to work together as a friend. While ploughing the rice paddy field. Relax while the elephants show off their skill, trength and dexterity in a demonstration that will astound you.

maetang elephant camp, chiang mai elephant camp, attractions in chiang mai

Ride in ox cart pulled by rare lampoon white oxen, through rural countryside and after lunch, more adventure and excitement as you experience a bamboo raft trip on the peaceful but important Maetang River.

Maetang Elephant Camp Mahout course

You will learn how to take care of elephants, learn what it is really like to be a mahout, from the beginning.You will learn about the elephant’s life and have a special experience.

Meg Griffit writes, The Mahout course was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. During the day I participated in various tasks. Everything from cleaning up after the elephants, (which all the elephant dung iS recycled in to paper.), preparing their food, I even helped to plant a new crop of corn. My favorite part of the day was when we fed and bathed the elephants. The elephants would lie down in the river, as we scrubbed them clean using coconut husks and brushes.

maetang elephant camp, chiang mai elephant camp, attractions in chiang mai

It was during these times that It was possible to get close to the elephants. As the week progressed, I became increasingly more comfortable with them. I was learned about their personalities, and marveled at their intelligence and playfulness. We made friends with the mahouts and also learned about their Personal struggles and way of life.

Twice a day you will help feed the elephants their fill of bananas and suger cane, along with heaps of corn-and grass.

Afterward you follow the elephants and their Mahouts to the river for bathing. Learn about the natural herbs the elephants know to help them when they are not feeling well. Enjoy a mud bath with the elephants to help ward off biting insects. Learn the commands that the mahouts use themselves. Learn the general care of the elephants at the Mae Taeng Free Elephant clinic right in the park. Get to know your elephant for the day the week or forever.   A truly great experience. Elephants never forget !!

maetang elephant camp, chiang mai elephant camp, attractions in chiang mai

This is the must to do !!  if you are planning on going to Chiang mai. Many choise to fine a tour to the camp. Joint tour to maetang elephant camp is around 1100 THB. and cheaper than catch a taxi or private transport. The elephant camp costs THB1500 per person and it includes an elephant show, lunch, elephant ride and oxen cart ride. Maetaeng elephants will take you on an unforgettable journey walking with their incredible sure footed swaying motion through rivers and forests and back to the park spend time about 45 minutes. Its a great Experice and Enjoyable time at Maetang Elephant Camp.

If you are coming to Chiangmai and are looking for elephants, here is a partial list of places to visit.

Note : Not accessible for wheelchair user

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