Doi Tao Lake: ‘Spend a night and feel the cool water drizzle.’

doi tao lake, doi tao, doi tao reservoir

The name Doi Tao Lake probably rings a bell to most people, as there are stories of it. Before you go on a vacation there, surely you must want to know some.

Doi Tao lake is a tourist attractions in Chiangmai. Its stories make it impressive for many tourists. The very first story is about a music band named ‘Nok Lae’ The band was established decades ago and it was based in Doi Tao County. Just ask your parents whether they know the band or not. Of course, they will say ‘Yes, we know.’ And everytime you talk about this band, surely you will think of Doi Tao County and Doi Tao Lake too.

The band is just a starting story. However, other stories of Doi Tao Lake are much longer, including this one. When Bhumibol Dam was built 35 years ago, Doi Tao Lake has been the river source of it. To speak metaphorically, the lake is somewhat like a heart that pumps blood and send it to the dam. Not only that, Doi Tao Lake is also a river source of Ping River.

doi tao lake, doi tao, doi tao reservoir

Lifestyles around the lake is quite interesting, as there are many ethnic groups. These ethnic groups have lived and supported their lives by fishing and planting. Their careers have grown so much that they have been developed into more advance businesses like restaurants and shelthers. Therefore, Doi Tao Lake is one of the most impressive tourist attractions nowadays.

You should not just visit Doi Tao Lake in one day, but instead, you should spend a night there. Believe it, you don’t want to leave all lovely scenery easily, but you will need at least two or three days.

Doi Tao Lake is not an ordinary lake, also. The word ‘doi’ means a mountain area in English. And that means Doi Tao Lake is located on a mountain area. You should see as soon as you arrive, that a series of valleys surround the lake. That will be your most stunning image in your entire life.

doi tao lake, doi tao, doi tao reservoir

If you have never been to Doi Tao Lake before, you can start with spending only one night, in order to get used to the place first. However, two days and one night are quite enough. You will have enough time to wander around.

For your shelther, there are many types of shelters at Doi Tao Lake. You can choose any one you like. Most of these shelthers are raft shelters, which mean they float on the water instead of being located on the ground. You will definitely get a new experience of self-relaxing. Sleeping in the middle of water is something thay you might haven’t possibily imagined before.

The prices of shelthers at Doi Tao Lake are not fixed, but they depends on tourism seasons, the room size you choose, and the amount of guests. However, the prices will be around 1,000-2,000 Baht. A big raft can cost about  1,800 Baht. A small raft may be about 1,000 Baht. These are prices for overnight rental. The prices may sound expensive to you, but as soon as you step in any of these shelthers, you will know that they aren’t expensive at all. They are comfortable. They have everything for you: shower rooms, bedrooms, beds, kitchen tools etc. Therefore you don’t have to worry about wasting your money.

doi tao lake, doi tao, doi tao reservoir

You can have your holidays just in the way you want at Doi Tao Lake. You can set up your own tour program. You can spend as many nights as you want to, if you have enough budget.

During your days at Doi Tao Lake, you may full-fill your fun time with renting a guide ship, which will be about 1,000 Baht per tour. A guide ship will take you around the lake for a marvellous sightseeing. Or, you may wander around the lake by yourself, if you think you know all way around. At night, you may listen to leisure musics or watch your favourite movies on your personal devices. In the morning, you probably want to get up early to take photos of the beautiful lake.

Everybody can have fun at Doi Tao Lake, including you. There are many other activities that you can do there, just try to think about something new. Go and have fun with your friends and family.

How to get there

The most convenient way is to start your trip in Chiang Mai downtown. Keep going along the road No.61867 for 125 kilometres. In a quite short time, you will finally see your destination or you can contact us to arrange the private tour package for your group.

Doi Tao Lake Map