Kaew Komol Cave

Kaew Komol Cave is one of the most beautiful cave in Thailand with crystal calcite in the cavern

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

Kaew Komol Cave is the only one calcite cave in Southeast Asia.

Kaew Komol Cave (Calzite Crystal Cave) is becoming increasingly popular. The cave is a recent discovery and thus shows beautiful and unspoilt speleothems of various forms.

This Calzite Crystal Cave was discovered over 20 years ago by a mining engineer in 1993. At that time it was still an uncharted area, until the Department of Mineral to the cave, built metal props to support the roof of the cave, built metal props to support the roof of the cave, put in electricity, and paved concrete path throughout the cave. This cave was set up as Tham Kaew Komol Park under the National Park Department since 1995.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon
kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

Inside the Tham Kaew Komol cave is a 30meter vertical pothole. The entrance and exit is a 120 meter stairs and in order to preserve the nature, it is designed for visitors to see the beauty of the walls in a small space. Tourists are not allowed to go deep inside the cave since it is dangerous to go too far. This cave is considered as the most beautiful in Thailand and this kind of cavern can only be found in three places in the world, which are Australia, China and Thailand. The Queen Sirikit visited at Mae La Noi Cave (original name) on 19 February 2001 and offered the name “Kaew Komol Cave”. Additionally, the Queen has given names to each of the five small caves inside the Kaew Komol Cave.

The cave consists of a series of five chambers on a steep gradient, the final chamber being more than 30 m below the surface. The most interesting halls are the fourth and the fifth ones, where pure Calcite crystals are shaped like corals and most crystals are in perfect condition.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

The first cave is “Pra Taitarn Room”. This name comes from the water that flows like a cascade.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

The second is “Wimanmek Room”. This name was named after the mineral on the ceiling that looks like clouds.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

The third is “Shek Himmaparn Room”. This cave is 50 meters from the first and the second cave. In this one, there are stalagmites and wall carvings that are very beautiful. The Queen imagined this cave as scenery from Thai literature so she named this room after it.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

The fourth is “Maan Pa Kaew”. There is a lot of crystallized glass, which look like curtains inside the cave.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

The fifth cavern is “Predpraew Manee Buppha”, which is the last one. Inside here are many white crystals that look like snow in the shape of a pin. It is very fragile and the most beautiful cave inside “Kaew Komol Cave”.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

Although an enormous number of tourists would like to get into Kaew Komol Cave, the space inside is very limited and it only shares one entrance and exit passage. Nevertheless, officials are able to satisfy the visitors by allowing a group of 20 tourists to get inside the cave for 20 minutes each time.

The best time to visit kaew Komol Cave is between December to February, because since the cave will be completely dry. However, since the cave is a cavern deep underground and the atmosphere might not be very airy, those who are not healthy of for enough should not enter this cave. Also, for your own safety, be sure to ask for the officer’s help in case you want to visit this cave.

kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon
kaew komol cave, tham kaew komon

Getting to Kaew Komol Cave :

Tham Kaew Komol Cave is located on Doi Tham, near Ban Huai Mafia. From the main highway 108 from Khun Yuam district, turn left along the way to Ban Toong Sarapee for 5 kilometers. Although this cave is accessible by car, you should drive carefully especially at the last part of the road where the road is steep and winding.

Entracce Fee & opening hours :

You can’t take your own vehicle all the way up to the cave but must instead park it at the “Ticketing” office. Entrance fee is 40 baht for Thais and 80 baht for foreigners. All visitors must be accompanied by a guide.

The opening times are between 8:30 am. and 4:30 pm.

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