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Golf course in the north of Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai and Lumphun provinces are the unique destination for a golf holiday combining world class golf with its history and friendly culture. Many golf courses are built in the heart of a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and forests. And suitable for the golfers of all skill levels who want to experience golf holes in a variety of formats which is full of excitement and challenges with the beautiful scenery.

The perfect location for a relaxing and meeting friends or family and will get a great golf experience during weekends. 

chiang mai golf, Golf Courses in Chiang Mai

Golf01 Royal Chiangmai Golf Club

Overview: Royal Chiang Mai is an exciting and challenging course for the amateur and professional golfer alike, whilst still keeping in harmony with the natural scenery and rolling countryside. The course has a good reputation due in part to the well maintained conditions and professional operations.

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chiang mai golf corses, Golf Courses in Chiang Mai

G0lf02 Mae Jo Golf Club

Overview: Mae Joe Golf Club is located behind Mae Jo University, the oldest agricultural college in Chiang Mai. The golf course being only a 20 minute drive from Chiang Mai is very popular with golfers looking for a high quality fun course that is not too far from their Chiang Mai hotel.

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chiangmai golf,Golf Courses in Chiang Mai

Golf03 Chiang Mai Highlands Golf

Overview: This challenging course in such a perfect climate of Northern Thailand is a pleasure for all. The temperate weather is very comfortable for those who like warm weather but not too hot. The clubhouse and locker room facilities are second to none and the wonderful Thai and Western cuisine will be a delight for all to enjoy. Browse our well equipped Proshop manned by PGA trained and qualified staffs who can help guide you towards the right purchase for your game.

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chiang mai golf course, Summit Green Valley

G0lf04 Summit Green Valley

Overview: Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Golf Club is an excellent, championship caliber 18-hole golf course that is beautifully landscaped and well maintained. It features an abundance of well placed sand bunkers and lots of water that can come into play on nearly every hole on the course.

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chiang mai golf, Alpine Golf Club

G0lf05 Alpine Golf Club

Overview: Alpine Golf Resort – Chiangmai , One of the best golf resort in Chiangmai Thailand When you visiting Alpine Golf Resort – Chiangmai, you will find a memorable impressive golfing and laid back experience with fully facilities equiped ready for you to come and enjoy golfing at Alpine Golf Resort – Chiangmai

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chiang mai golf course, Gassan lake city

G0lf06 Gassan lake city

Overview: Gassan Lake City golf course is a Lake course, which situated amidst historical Gassan Lake, paddy fields and mountain, where both water and dense forest come into play. It is also a championship golf course which consists of 18 holes Par 72, the golf course is 7,089 yards in size, and is located to the South East of Chiang Mai.

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chiang mai golf, Inthanon Golf Resort

G0lf07 Inthanon Golf Resort

Come visit CHIANG MAI INTHANON GOLF AND NATURAL RESORT and enjoy the time of your life.

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golf courses in chiang mai, Gassan Khuntan

G0lf08 Gassan Khuntan

Overview: Khuntan was established in 2004 and has quickly gained an impressive reputation for being one of the most beautiful golf courses in Thailand. Gassan Khuntan is a challenging golf course, where each fairway and green has been expertly groomed to provide you with a golfing experience of a life time. The course is surrounded by Doi Khuntan National Park, famous for historical structures like The Railway Bridge and Khuntan Tunnel.

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chiang mai golf, Gassan Marina

G0lf09 Gassan Marina

Overview: Area’s newest course and surrounded by scenic hills

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Golf Courses in Chiang Mai

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